Hello Everyone


For 40 years, John (aka Johnny) Linnehan was involved in various business ventures. He is most recognized for his contributions within the automobile industry both as a new car dealer and a nationally known used car dealer.  In 2013 John was elected to the National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealer’s Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. He has also been involved with real estate of all types.

In 2010, Johnny felt God’s call on his life to leave the business world and go into a full time, Bible based, soul winning ministry. Johnny is well respected as a dedicated, passionate, committed, follower of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Johnny did ministry full time for 4 years.

Then a couple of years ago, he went back into the real estate business, founding Linnehan Homes.  At Linnehan Homes, he has pioneered and invented an innovative Home Ownership Plan using a person’s equity verses them going into long term debt.  His American Dream, Home Ownership Plan is currently “Patent Pending” and offers many more features, advantages, and benefits than a traditional mortgage.

Johnny’s MAIN priority still is to personally fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20 by making disciples of Jesus, baptizing those disciples and teaching those disciples “to make more disciples.” As in Matthew 9:9-13, John loves to take the Good News about Jesus OUT of the “church” and into our communities where the unsaved people are. John’s personal goal and prayer is for God to use him to save many souls in Hancock County where he was born and where he still lives.

Johnny is famous for asking the following question: “Do you know 100% for sure your spirit and your soul will go immediately to Heaven to live with God forever when your body dies physically here on this Earth?”  Then he briefly provides the Spiritual facts so any person can give a “YES” answer to this most important question.

Johnny is married to Heather, his high school sweetheart, and she is still his very best friend. They recently celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary on August 16, 2016.They have 2 grown sons, Ryan and Chadd, 2 Daughters-in-love, Stephanie and Jennifer, and 7 PERFECT grandchildren ages 10 to 21. 🙂